Document & Report Archival / Retrieval  


for the IBM/i (Power System i / i5 / iSeries / AS400)

Standard U.S. Pricing (as of July 2022)

License Fee (all  models & processors)

The current one-time perpetual use license fee for MIRROR IMAGE is based upon the number of CONCURRENT users, as follows:

Number of CONCURRENT Users

License Level

License Fee










Product is licensed to the designated CPU on the prevailing operating system release level and is only guaranteed to perpetually function on the designated CPU at that operating system release level. Product is transferable to an alternative CPU.

Maintenance & Support

An annual support maintenance agreement is offered by 38 CALIBER to provide technical assistance and to provide a NO CHARGE product upgrade should one be necessary to accommodate a change in the operating system release level .  The annual support maintenance agreement is available to new and currently supported installs at an annual fee of 15% (fifteen percent) of the prevailing non-discounted MIRROR IMAGE license fee and is subject to change without notice.  Telephone technical assistance is provided on a call back basis.

Additional Documentation

Each copy of the MIRROR IMAGE Document Retrieval System includes an Administration & Operation Manual and a Retrieval User's Guide.

The price for additional copies is as follows:

Administration & Operation Manual.... $24.95

Retrieval User's Guide.......................... $9.95


Pricing is subject to change without notice

Pricing is for the United States & Canada

Pricing as noted does not include applicable CALIFORNIA sales taxes.

All fees are payable in United States dollars.

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