Document & Report Archival / Retrieval  


for the IBM/i (Power System i / i5 / iSeries / AS400)

"I saved $10,000+ in forms costs within the first 60 days with MIRROR IMAGE.   A product that should be on every AS/400."   Don Musielak   (G. C. America  - Chicago, IL)

"Extraordinary Value, this superior product has aided our entire facility with archival & report management for a fraction of the LOWEST COST Imaging available.   We eliminated paper and forms costs from the day we installed this solution."   Bernardo Gutierrez  (James River Corporation  - San Leandro, CA)

"We had to fight management to get MIRROR IMAGE... and we now cannot do without it... it's the best product I have ever used."  Kathy Nowaski, Corporate Accounting Manager  (Jeld-Wen, Inc - Klamath Falls, OR)

"Great product...  eliminated copies we previously printed along with storage for boxes of paper and forms.  Users now find their individual documents instantly via their workstation,  versus time consuming searching through filing rooms."  Nancy Smart   (World Class Resorts - Zepher Cove, NV)

"USERS LOVE IT !!!   Tremendous savings from day one on forms costs and elimination of filing rooms and cabinets. Extremely easy to implement."  Bruce West   (Weston Paper Mfg. -  Terre Haute, IN)

"Eliminated the headache of managing documents & reports, and  saved us tremendously in forms and paper costs."   Bill Royer   (Lindsay Mfg. Co. - Lindsay, NE)

"MIRROR IMAGE has saved us a fortune.   Before we acquired this solution, we printed 6-part Purchase Orders and Invoice forms... now we only print the 1-part original.  Recently implemented the fax capabilities built in to MIRROR IMAGE with a fax unit, thus saving us even more."  Elaine Davis   (Excel Industries - Hesston, KS)



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