Document & Report Archival / Retrieval  

for the IBM/i (Power System i / i5 / iSeries / AS400)

Synergy with  solutions


Automatically detects the presents of  IBM Backup & Recovery Media Management System/400 to provide automated tape media management when archiving & retrieving from tape.  Automatically determines, allocates, starts, ends & deallocates available devices as required.


Transparently interfaced to provide mega, long-term storage of reports & general business documents.   Reads  & writes directly to/from optical platters for optimal throughput.  


Transparently interfaced.  Tape media is automatically loaded & unloaded as required.


Fully integrated support for IBM FACSIMILE SUPPORT/400 to provide immediate faxing of any archived item.   Supports cover pages, rotation & forms overlay.

Client/Server (optional)

WINDOWS  Client/Server graphical user interface  provides

PC graphical viewing (using IBM AFP Workbench Viewer)

Printing to any system or PC printer (via IBM/i Access printer drivers)

Faxing via the system or PC

Download reports to PC

Extraction & Report Mining into various PC file formats


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