Document & Report Archival / Retrieval  


for the IBM i (Power System i / i5 / iSeries / AS400)


Bridging the gap between expensive PC-oriented graphical imaging solutions and underpowered spool file manipulation products,  is MIRROR IMAGE.

A moderately priced, full featured, IBM/i host-based "Document & Report Archival/Retrieval" solution designed to automatically capture, electronically burst, index & store all in-house generated business documents and/or reports as they are produced by the system.  MIRROR IMAGE provides document-level tracking & indexing for direct end-user ON-DEMAND access for inquiry, reprint, downloading to PC, report mining and direct facsimile transmission.

User defined indices are cabinet-level (i.e. document-level) specific and are automagically lifted from the printed page.  No user intervention or manual entry is required.

This is an "industrial strength" solution which handles all IBM/i printer output data stream types, including *AFPDS, *IPDS, *PCL5, *ASCII and all "forms merged" spool files produced by third party forms merge software products.

Facsimile and E-MAIL integration allows users to directly fax or e-mail retrieved documents, complete with fill-in-the-blanks cover sheet, for a professional look.

In addition, MIRROR IMAGE transparently interfaces with a host-attached optical, PC-attached optical, and magnetic tape storage devices, which can be used in addition to the DASD report repository for  long-term, historical archiving.

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